21st hit | 09/2019
Ohjus - Ohjuskaaos 7"EP
5 EUR + postage

Pressing 400 copies on black vinyl. Split release with Hidden Hands Records, Young Guns 2 Records, Purho Records, Mögähead and Ollin Suklaalevyt

7 songs of fast, noisy and chaotic hardcore just the way it should be.

Listen: https://ohjus.bandcamp.com

  • Suomi '18
  • Kyttä
  • Ohjuskaaos
  • Lupaus On Peruttu
  • Ei Ääntäkään
  • Loputonta Pelkoa
  • Tyhjyyden Päällä

20th hit | 07/2019
Ydinaseeton Pohjola - Lokakuun Päiviä 7"
6 EUR + postage

Pressing 250 copies on black vinyl.

Ydinaseeton Pohjola is back with 3 tracks recorded same time as splits with Ydintuho and Tunkio.

Listen / Download Ydinaseeton Pohjola from http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Lokakuun Päiviä
  • Kuusi Kerrosta Asfalttiin
  • Mikä Iskulause Tahansa

19th hit | 03/2019
Tunkio / Ydinaseeton Pohjola - Split EP
6 EUR + postage

Pressing 250 copies on black vinyl.

Two generations of Jyväskylä punk scene meets when the Old farts join forces with the young studs. With the power of youth Tunkio blasts 8 tracks of raw crasher grind with guttural vocals. Ydinaseeton Pohjola is back with 3 tracks recorded same time as split with Ydintuho.

Listen / Download Tunkio from https://tunkio.bandcamp.com//

Listen / Download Ydinaseeton Pohjola side from http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Tunkio
  • Bloated corpses
  • Apocalyptic realm of pain
  • Crushed by guilt
  • Sanctioned slaughter
  • Carnivorous lust
  • Brutal social hierarchy
  • Consumed by darkness
  • Dark satanic mills
  • Ydinaseeton Pohjola
  • Sosiopaatti
  • Pilleristi
  • Vapaat vaalit

18th hit | 07/2018
Ydintuho / Ydinaseeton Pohjola - Split EP
5 EUR + postage

Pressing 300 copies on black vinyl. Split release with Ground Zero 93600

3 Raw Punk Deathstrikes from Kuusamo meets 2 tracks of Adult Oriented Rawpunk from Jyväskylä.

Listen Ydintuho from https://ydintuho.bandcamp.com//

Listen / Download Ydinaseeton Pohjola side from http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Ydintuho
  • Victims of War Crimes
  • Atomic Grave
  • Casualties of War
  • Ydinaseeton Pohjola
  • Ei Minkään Alan Mies
  • Irto Illuusiosta

17th hit | 08/2017
Ydinaseeton Pohjola - Synny, Kärsit, Kuolet, Unohdut LP
12 EUR + postage

You born, you suffer and then you will die and get forgotten. That's the cycle of life. On this record Ydinaseeton Pohjola puts all this into one package.

The lyrics deals with some childhood memories (Salora corruption case, Jorma Ojaranta) and some facts about the decline of western civilization (Is our daily life just form of passive euthanasia fueled with alcohol, drugs and violence?).

How it's sounding then? Guitars are cold like a blaze in the northern sky, bass is like a bulldozer and drums like thousands of trash cans fall on. The cream of the crap is furious vocals which cannot leave anyone cold. The spirit of "chaos non musica" is present, but this is very song oriented record. Not just noise for noise's sake.

All this is wrapped in beautiful cut'n'paste graphics. Chainsaws, swords, skeletons, leather and thousands of studs. Comes with 8 page booklet containing lyrics and English translations plus more art.

Maybe this isn't ideal party record, but who cares.

Pressing 250 copies on black vinyl. 8 page booklet printed on heavy paper. English translation included.

Listen https://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Citynäätä
  • Salora-juttu
  • Myrkkylaivuri
  • Sadan Kilon Ruho
  • Filmi Poikki
  • Passiivinen Eutanasia
  • Elämisen Tarkoitus
  • Myötäjuoksija
  • Antti Sotilas
  • Tyhjä Huuto
  • Sillä Välin
  • Syntynyt Helvettiin

1st cut | 03/2015
REACH OUT- Photos from the Helsinki punk/HC underground 2008-2012 SOLD OUT

Photos by Jussi Jänis

144 pages, 283 photos, 88 bands, 36 gig places, 59 (short) interviews in English

Please note, these are going fast, act now or cry later!

Split release with Combat Rock Industry,Rabbit's Foot, Ratbite,Face Your Gods and Paha Tukka Elämä

Armless Children, Bolt, Cold Inside, Darfur, Delta Force 2, Drowning Nation, Foreseen, Fun, The Heartburns, Hero Dishonest, Kansalaistottelemattomuus, Khatarina, Kuolema, Kylmä Sota, Kyklooppien Sukupuutto, Lama, Lighthouse Project, Maailmanloppu, Maho Neitsyt, Moderni Elämä, Murheenlaakso, Nervous System, 1981, Omaisuusvahinko, Perikato, Radiopuhelimet, Ratface, Selfish, Sokea Piste, Särkyneet, Terveet Kädet, Turnoffs, Valse Triste, White Tears, Ydinperhe, Etc.

Here's some sample spreads including some label related bands

16th hit | 02/2015
Darfür - 8 Tracks E.P. 12" 10 EUR + postage

Pressing 300 copies on black vinyl

Short, fast, raw. You'll love it.

Listen https://soundcloud.com/darfur

  • Rabid Vision
  • Unifillers
  • Remnants Of A Man
  • History
  • Obedience Impact
  • Suffice To Crucify
  • Decade Of Gratitude
  • Notions And Reality

15th hit | 02/2014
Wound - Wound LP 12 EUR + postage

Pressing 275 copies on black vinyl

Wound continue where Deadsunrise left. Sailing through the same deep and dark waters. Even darker. Even slower. Even heavier. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege

Listen whole record http://woundjkl.bandcamp.com

  • Done
  • Crying Wolf
  • God Reduced
  • A Place Of Worship
  • Lay My Head
  • Our Proof

14th hit | 02/2013
Ydinaseeton Pohjola - Onko Suomi Usattunut/Demokratia 7"
7 EUR + postage

Pressing 101 copies on black vinyl

Release itself is not in any way essential, but I like the versions and didn't want to throw those songs away. Thus this kind of small pressing.

Listen / Download http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Onko Suomi Usattunut
  • Demokratia

13th hit | 02/2013
Armless Children / Ydinaseeton Pohjola - 6 Tracks split EP
5 EUR + postage

Double sided A3 sized foldout sleeves and obi. Pressing 500 copies, 100 on red and 400 on black vinyl.

Here you'll get such an rå mangel attack that your brains will melt. Finally these children's live energy is captured on wax. If you liked their 1st EP, you'll love this one. 2 d-beat mayhems and Tatuerade Snutkukar cover. DIE LOUD!

On the other side Ydinaseeton Pohjola offers their own version what raw punk should sound like. Two originals recorded same time as split LP with Aokigahara and The Comes cover.

Listen whole Armless Children side from https://armlesschildren.bandcamp.com/

Listen / Download whole Ydinaseeton Pohjola side from http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Armless Children
  • Leper Of Love
  • Refugee At Early Age
  • Hiroshima-45
  • Ydinaseeton Pohjola
  • Julkea Roisto
  • Lyhyet Katkerat
  • Paniikki

12th hit | 08/2012
Ydinaseeton Pohjola / 青木ヶ原 ‎ - Split LP 10 EUR + postage

14 testpresses , 409 copies black vinyl, 110 copies red vinyl with silverprinted extra cover and bonus Ydinaseeton Pohjola CD-R ( MAILORDER ONLY )

Ydinaseeton Pohjola is continuing its raw punk crusade of the old Italian and Spanish bands. Waves of distortion and feedback, retarted screaming and shouting, forced wretched riffs and very strong sociopolitical message. Put barbed wire to your left ear and pull it out from the right ear. Enjoy the feeling!

Aokigahara music is heavily influenced by old Japanese hardcore/punk such as Zouo, GISM and LSD. Expect harsh vocals, heavy distorted bass, pounding drums and melodic guitar with metal influences weaving dark overall sound. This all fits well to post-apocalyptic visions of lyrical content.

Listen / Download whole Ydinaseeton Pohjola side from http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com and
2 Aokigahara tracks from http://aokigahara.bandcamp.com

  • Ydinaseeton Pohjola
  • Syylliset Tiedetään
  • Nimetön Totaalisysteemi
  • Väärä Ihminen
  • Käyttö
  • Ulkonaliikkumiskielto
  • Markkinaosapuoli
  • Aokigahara
  • Baka Gaijin
  • Maailmanlopun Maalari
  • Aware No Sokudo
  • Chain Of Self-Existence
  • Abunai

11th hit | 08/2010
Ydinaseeton Pohjola - 1/2 LP 10 EUR + postage

299 copies black one sided vinyl

Listen / Download http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Tapausten Kulku
  • Everstien Kreikka
  • Mistä Minä Tiedän
  • Mielipideterrori
  • Laukaus Tehtaalla
  • Julisteiden Liimaajat
  • Julkisessa Tilassa
  • Kuka Omistaa
  • Uuden-Seelannin Malli
  • Eläinsuojelijat (Entropia)
  • Järjestelmän Tähtäimessä
  • Irtolaiset

10th hit | 04/2010
Deadsunrise - Self Titled LP 8 EUR + postage

500 copies black vinyl

Check samples from Deadsunrise (Myspace)

  • Our Dead Future
  • Insider
  • Bad Blood
  • Meeropol's Poem
  • The Golden Age
  • Growing Pains
  • Hands Of Time
  • Regress & Swallow
  • Faith Sustains
  • The Great Leveller

9th hit | 10/2009
Delta Force 2 - Personal Vietnam LP SOLDOUT

100 copies orange/black splatter, 100 copies white, 300 copies black

2nd LP from fat hardcorespedemetalcrossover bastards

Check samples from Delta Force 2 (Myspace)

  • Leffailta
  • Invaasio U.S.A.
  • Arvostust Et Saa
  • Thräsh-Hyökkäys
  • Ultimate Fighter
  • Personal Vietnam
  • Mossaa Ja Kuole
  • Sp Metal Rules Ok!
  • Proteiinin Voimalla
  • Jehovat Ovella
  • Total Seitan Siks Siks Siks
  • Top Chef
  • Sielu Liekeissä
  • Balladi Michael Jacksonista
  • Viinaa Ja Sipsejä
  • Pakko Päästä Pois
  • Tosi Rakkaus 666

8th hit | 05/2009
Delta Force 2 / Escape To Death - Split 7"EP SOLDOUT

20 testpresses with pick your king covers, 400 copies black vinyl, 150 copies clear vinyl,
50 copies clear vinyl with handpainted covers and silkscreened box
Split release with Hockey Champ, Raakanaama and Evil Corporation

Check samples from Delta Force 2 (Myspace) & Escape To Death (Myspace)

  • Delta Force 2
  • Oottexte Valmiit Kuolemaan
  • Disney On Edelleen Fasisti
  • Liian Läskejä Skeittaamaan
  • Unelmat on Kuallu
  • Mun Jyväskylä
  • Escape To Death
  • Stand aside
  • piece in your puzzle
  • Walk away
  • Weak life
  • No expectations
  • Ignorant

7th hit | 04/2009
Pahaa Verta - 7"EP SOLDOUT

300 copies, split release with Several Casualties Productions, Sharkcore Records & ROKU Records

Check samples from Pahaa Verata (Myspace)

  • VVVV
  • Viimeinen Vitun Virhe
  • Ehjä Perhe
  • Burberry-perkele
  • Myö Ollaan Huoria
  • Hanskat Tiskiin Kusipää!

6th hit | 10/2008
Brutopia / Lähdön Aika - Split 7"EP 3 EUR + postage

500 copies on black vinyl, 82 copies on yellow vinyl and silkscreened covers
Split release with Mosh part, Vuohi, Psychedelica, Roku and S.U.P.O.

Brutopia strikes you down with three bursts of classic d-beat in the vein of Discharge and Disfear. Lähdön aika plays slow and depressive crustcore. Features new songs plus Brutopia covering Lähdon aika and vice versa.

Check samples from Brutopia (Myspace) & Lähdön Aika (Myspace)

  • Brutopia
  • Ajatus
  • Köyhät Kyykkyyn
  • Huono Ihminen
  • Lähdön Aika
  • En Jaksa
  • Idioottikamppailu

5th hit | 11/2008
Ydinaseeton Pohjola / Keripukki - Split 7"EP 4 EUR + postage

500 copies, black vinyl

Listen / Download whole Ydinaseeton Pohjola side from http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Ydinaseeton Pohjola
  • Narkomaani
  • Pommiattentaatti
  • Keskiluokan Köyhyysraja MP3
  • Aldo Moro On Kuollut
  • Kemi MP3
  • Keripukki
  • Ihmiskunnan Itsemurha MP3
  • Kahdet Kasvot
  • Sotakoirat
  • Paine
  • Moukari

4th hit | 01/2008
Diskaaos - Sota on Sotaa 7"EP SOLD OUT

300 copies, split release with TUSKA & AHDISTUS

DISKAAOS was a bastard son of the summer of ‘96. At that time every other band was DISTHIS or DISTHAT. Ofcourse there was a lot of other things that pissed off Petteri and Marko so much they had form a band to disclose their feelings. So in the fall studio was booked. The day before DISKAAOS hit rehearsal place and made 10 songs and alot of empty beer bottles. Studio was a quite chaos with passed out people and vomiting around yard. Recordings originally released as a quite limited edition tape. Now after 11 years it’s finally on vinyl.

  • Sota On Sotaa MP3
  • Tietämättömyys On Autuus
  • Manipulaatio MP3
  • Punk On Kuollut
  • Kun Maihari Heilahtaa Natsi Tipahtaa
  • Dis On Pateettista
  • Orjatyövoimaa
  • Räjäyttäkää Raija Pelli-Tuomelan Talo
  • Niin Kaukana
  • Veri Virtaa Punaisena

3rd hit | 01/2008
Ydinaseeton Pohjola - Euro-ohjukset 7"EP SOLDOUT

300 copies

Jyväskylä youngsters kicks some oldschool ass! Like guitarist Ville said after 1st gig - when man turns to 35 it’s time to play some hardcore. Influences are sure from 80’s, but more from Italy, Spain, Brazil and Central Europe than scandinavia as many might be expecting. RUIDO DE RABIA, IV REICH, PSYKOZE, DIATRIBE, (OLD)POISON IDEA, CRUCIFIX, WRETCHED, IMPACT, ZYKLOME A and AGENT ORANGE(NL) just to drop some names.

Listen / Download http://ydinaseetonpohjola.bandcamp.com

  • Velkavanki MP3
  • Talousuutiset
  • Taparikollinen
  • Nuorisomellakka'90 MP3
  • Euro-ohjukset On Tulossa
  • Grynderi
  • Muuttotappio MP3
  • Monarkistiorjat
  • Sakkaväen Marssi

2nd hit | 06/2007
Delta Force 2 - LP SOLDOUT

Regular press numbered 414 copies, black vinyl, 2nd press coming soon!

Special "Frendeille ja junteille aka to friends and rednecks" edition numbered 120 copies, white vinyl and special package. See pictures below.


Expect to hear some great Chuck Norris - influenced speedthrashmetalpunkhardcore songs and you will agree: “The West Coast Gospelcore Scene Must Die” !!! The album includes also two great cover songs: “Fasistisika” (Fascist Pig, originally by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES) and “Jyvaskylan Meininki” (New York Crew, originally by JUDGE).

Not for wimps and posers!!!

  • Stukat Turun Yllä
  • Mossaus On Mun Bisnestä MP3
  • Pää Palaa
  • Mossaa Tai Delaa
  • Chuck Norris
  • Fasistisika
  • Länsirannikon Gospelcore Scenen On Kuoltava
  • Duunipäivä
  • Delta Force 2
  • Kaikki Vitun Juntit Pitäis Vittu Tappaa
  • Walt Disney Oli Fasisti
  • Jyväskylän Meininki MP3
  • Riehunaa Ja Rähinää
  • Aurajoki virtaa punaisena

1st hit | 03/2007
Deadsunrise - Several Casualties 7"EP 3,5 EUR + postage

500 copies, split release with HOCKEY CHAMP, MOSH ABLE and SEVERAL CASUALTIES PROD.

Deadsunrise definitely taking a few cues from the His Hero is Gone school both vocally and musically, but there's more to it than that, and this is by no means another copycat band. Absolutely churning hardcore/punk that mixes faster tempos and bludgeoning slow riffs blending straightforward chord progressions with discordant metal riffing. Total northern angst and misery!

  • Gangrene MP3
  • Lifeless Dawn
  • Insider II
  • The Fear